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When disaster strikes and there is fire and water damage, an unfortunate casualty can take its toll on your valuable personal items and documents.  At MitiServe we treat your items as if they are our own, making every effort to return them as close to pre-loss condition as possible. We work with you during the process to present as many cost-effective options as possible. Restoration is our middle name!

Your contents will go through our on-site processing facility to be inventoried, cleaned, and securely stored until you are move-in ready.


  1. When items are packed out from the site, they are barcoded into a full inventory and added to boxes.  

  2. Items are stored in a climate-controlled area until cleaning begins.

  3. Hard contents (ie: dishes) are cleaned in automated machines and deodorized for fire/smoke odor. 

  4. Hard contents that cannot be cleaned in a machine (ie: fine china) are hand-cleaned with environmentally-friendly degreaser and odor counteractants. 

  5. Soft contents are cleaned in the Esporta Machine (ie: fabrics, sporting equipment, cushions and pillows, down comforters, leather, dolls).  The Esporta can clean 95% of all soft contents including dry-clean only fabrics.

  6. Contents are put in the Ozone Room for deodorization.

  7. Contents are submitted to thermal fogging.  This replicates the particle size of smoke and is an additional odor counteractant.

  8. Contents that cannot be machine-dried are added to a Drying Chamber with Air Circulation.  

  9. Finished contents are stored in a secure, climate-controlled storage area until the client is move-in ready.